With a volume of over 90 billion Euro in 2014, the care and welfare sector is one of the most important economic sectors in the Netherlands. Total expenditures have doubled over the past 10 years, and according to forecasts, this growth will continue. The drivers of this growth are the result of 1) increased medical possibilities and 2) an ageing and growing population.
To keep this sector affordable, it is in need of entrepreneurship. This applies to the cure, care and suppliers. There are opportunities for entrepreneurs who innovate based on technological discoveries, apply commercial concepts to achieve efficiency, and improve the quality of care by applying focus. These requirements are not national; they are international.

We like to invest in entrepreneurs with passion, with businesses that make care better and cheaper. Innovative Dutch companies active in the field of eHealth, medical devices, medical IT, care quality and safety. Scalable concepts with opportunities to expand internationally. We are also interested in companies that provide efficient care: scaling up through chain formation where the customer comes first, and utilising IT to improve care and increase employee productivity.
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