Investment Strategy.

Holland Venture invests in promising Dutch companies operating in the Healthcare and Technology sectors. We focus on companies that excel through strong management, a distinctive market position and significant growth potential. As an involved investor, we provide growth capital and also use our network and knowledge to help businesses realise growth opportunities.

Our approach

Our approach is based on three main pillars: value creation, partnership and networking and experience.

Value creation

Holland Venture focuses on creating significant value growth within the companies in which it invests. As an active shareholder, we are closely involved with the development of the company. In collaboration with the company's management, we draw up plans for strategic development and operational improvements. The implementation of these plans and their adjustment is always done with the aim of value growth in mind.


We build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and the managers of the companies in which we invest. Holland Venture speaks the language of entrepreneurs and is a valued partner. By being transparent about objectives and expectations, we strive to align our objectives and those of the company's management. These partnerships are based on mutual trust and respect and focus on the joint development of a successful business.

Network and experience

At Holland Venture, we find it essential to be familiar with the market in which the company operates. We develop a clear and thorough insight into the developments within the market so that we can act as a true sparring partner and assist the management team in the decision-making process. From 1981 onwards, we have built up a broad network that largely consists of people with extensive business experience in specific sectors, who have experienced the diverse challenges of a growing company.

Transaction size

Per company, Holland Venture invests between 100,000 and 4 million Euro. In collaboration with partners, larger investments are also possible.

Because of an ageing population and increasing healthcare consumption healthcare expenses are rapidly increasing. The current funding and structure of the healthcare sector is lagging behind. Increasing free market fundamentals are essential in this sector. Holland Venture envisions a more entrepreneurial sector focused on innovation, focus and efficiency.


Increasing possibilities of IT and internet have significant effect on society and business. Innovations in this framework facilitate new business models and have a large impact on traditional markets. This creates an appealing playing field for innovative entrepreneurs.


Investment criteria

Holland Venture applies the following investment criteria:

  • Netherlands-based company
  • Which operates in the Healthcare or Technology sector
  • With a Unique product or service
  • And a Committed and strong management
  • Promising, with significant (international) growth potential
  • With an investment requirement of up to 10 million Euro


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