Innovation efforts pay off – Gilde Buy Out Partners invests in Esdec

Amsterdam, 26 March 2018 – On 22 March, Gilde Buy Out Partners joined Esdec as a new shareholder. Esdec develops, produces and delivers professional mounting systems for solar panels. The fast growth and the innovative characteristics of Esdec, have fuelled Gilde’s ambition to play an important role in supporting the existing management team in realizing the company’s growth ambitions. With this transaction the shares of investors Holland Venture and Dolfin Capital will be acquired by Gilde.

With its innovative mounting systems, Esdec is playing a key role in addressing the growing demand for solar energy. In 2017 the production of solar energy grew with an impressive 40%. The focus on innovation did not go unnoticed as Esdec won the Solar Innovation Award 2017 and it was nominated as FD Gazellen 2017.

Investing in innovation is key for Esdec. “The continuous quest for smarter, better and faster solutions for our customers is our main driver, every single day.”, according to Stijn Vos, CEO and shareholder of Esdec. To maintain the position as market leader, the innovation engine continues to run at full speed. Esdec again introduced a new range of products this month, has strengthened its management team with a director Technology and Innovation, has extended its R&D team from 2 FTE to 10 FTE and has started construction of its 1000m2 innovation centre. Overall, the number of employees has tripled in two years. Vos added to this: “Together with Holland Venture and Dolfin Capital we have strengthened our market position significantly since 2015. I am grateful for their contribution which has brought Esdec to the point where it is ready for the next growth phase with Gilde.”

“Esdec stands out due to its strong product portfolio and fast growth. We are impressed with what the management team has achieved in recent years, together with Dolfin and Holland Venture, as well as by innovations currently being developed. We see numerous possibilities to further accelerate growth in this next phase for the company, together with the management, in both the EU and in the USA, and both organically as well as through acquisitions.”, according to Maurits Boomsma, Partner at Gilde Buy Out Partners.

International sales
In a rapidly growing market which initially was driven by subsidies and now has really opened up due to a decrease in solar energy costs, Esdec focuses on key markets: Benelux, France, the Nordics and USA. In the EU and USA, it has recently hired multiple international sales managers. “Under the leadership of Stijn Vos, Esdec has accomplished a lot. This is apparent in the significant expansion of the (R&D) team, the international expansion that was realized and the move to a new facility, four times the size as the old one. The company is now ready to seize the enormous growth potential in the market. We wish the new shareholder Gilde the best of luck with this next step!” says Hubert Verbeek, Managing Partner Holland Venture.

About Holland Venture
Over the past 35 years, Holland Venture has invested in more than 130 Dutch SMEs in a responsible and successful manner. With a clear investment strategy, Holland Venture is active in the growth markets of both healthcare and technology. The experienced and involved investment team knows what entrepreneurship is like. With the joint goal of achieving growth, Holland Venture strives for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which she invests. Holland Venture is supported by a broad network of successful healthcare and technology entrepreneurs.


Avensus Group acquires ICT Vision and takes the first step with their buy-and-build strategy

Amsterdam, 22 February 2018 – Avensus Nederland, private equity firm Holland Venture, Abram Schermer and Ed Trautig strengthen their ties with the founding of Avensus Group, expanding the partnership they started in the end of 2016. The ambitious buy-and-build strategy has been put into practice with the acquisition of Managed Services provider ICT Vision. The chosen strategy is to grow Avensus Group to a dominant IT-player focused on Security Services & Cloud Technology with a revenue of approximately EUR 50 million.

The IT sector is prone to continuous and rapid changes, many companies go from on-premise to cloud facilities. IT moves from supporting- to core business processes, which could give rise to vulnerabilities in organisations. Data is the key asset of each enterprise and securing this is of the utmost importance. Avensus strengthens its customers by reducing IT complexity as well as increasing security. In the field of High Grade Security, Avensus is market leader in the Benelux and with its Managed Cloud Services, it distinguishes itself with its customer focus and expertise.

Recent Cloud & Security themes
The pillars of Avensus Group are Security and Cloud Solutions. With the founding of Avensus Group, there is more space to incorporate specialised entities such as ICT Vision which consequently increases the strength of Avensus. The two pillars include subjects such as cloud security, malware and data protection, cloud technology and transition. Therefore, the acquisition of Managed Services provided ICT Vision fits seamlessly with the offered services Avensus Group has in mind.

Growth by buy-and-build
Avensus Group intends to become a versatile IT-player with the acquisition of specialised subsidiaries all functioning in their own nice. This approach gives the strength of a large enterprise combined with the expertise and flexibility of an involved specialist. Avensus forms the platform and with the acquisition of ICT Vision, an important step has been taken with the further roll-out of the buy-and-build strategy.

“We have multiple companies on our radar which in the foreseeable future will a be a part of Avensus Group. Holland Venture is (hands-on) involved and will provide both commercial and strategic support with the roll-out of the buy-and-build strategy. Managing partner, experienced IT entrepreneur Abram Schermer, will be directly responsible for all Avensus Group’s commercial activities. I look forward to this collaboration in which we can realise our ambitions to create a market leader in Security & Cloud.”, according to Ed Trautig, Managing Director Avensus Group.

About Avensus
Avensus was initially founded in 2000 and for the last few years it focused on Healthcare, Government and Finance. With high-end services in Cloud and Services, the company has grown to a total revenue of more than EUR 15 million and approximately 100 employees with offices in Almere, Delft and Eindhoven.

About ICT Vision
ICT Vision is a Managed Services Provider for small- and medium sized enterprises. For these organisations it is essential to ensure the continuity of ICT. ICT Vision’s managed services make a major contribution to this continuity. We ensure that all information systems remain available. In a modern way, using the cloud and with a high customer satisfaction.

About Holland Venture
Over the past 35 years, Holland Venture has invested in more than 130 Dutch SMEs in a responsible and successful manner. With a clear investment strategy, Holland Venture is active in the growth markets of both healthcare and technology. The experienced and involved investment team knows what entrepreneurship is like. With the joint goal of achieving growth, Holland Venture strives for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which she invests. Holland Venture is supported by a broad network of successful healthcare and technology entrepreneurs.


Holland Venture’s portfolio company Highcare invests in educational institute Latona

Amsterdam, 22 January 2018 – Highcare, the temporary employment- and secondment agency in the healthcare and safety domain, acquired the activities from Latona. Latona provides organisational- and educational advisory services in primary care. The last few years, Highcare carried out an active buy- and build strategy, during which she acquired the companies Ambucare, SEHV, EMC and now Latona. The acquisition of Latona allows Highcare to strengthen its current position in the healthcare market.

Knowledge expansion
The offered organisational- and educational advisory services, include all aspects of primary care: from vision development to design and from training and implementation to practical delivery. Highcare is a temporary employment- and secondment agency which matches highly qualified professionals with clients mainly in the healthcare domain. By means of the Highcare Academy, professionals can continuously retrain and develop themselves in their respective discipline. By combining knowledge and experience from both Latona and Highcare Academy, professionals and clients of Highcare can benefit from field specific knowledge broadening and deepening, and the development of new educational products and training possibilities.

Educating people as solution for the shortage of healthcare employees
Highcare and Latona both feel responsible for- and involved with the healthcare sector. They closely monitor- and respond to current market developments such as a growing demand for provided care and the increasing shortage of healthcare personnel. Developments which coerce society to look for answers. With the acquisition of Latona, Highcare can even better train its own professionals, attract new professionals and improve the quality of healthcare. The transaction was accompanied by Marktlink.

Shared ambitions
Willem Grool, director of Highcare adds to this: “Highcare will expand her offered services over the full-range of the healthcare domain and we see additional chances in the area of primary care. Quality is crucial in the vision of Highcare. An important aspect of this is the expertise development of our professionals. Latona was looking for a partner to ensure the continuity of its operations and to expand its offered services. With the integration of Latona in Highcare Academy, Highcare sees chances to broaden and expand the full range of offered activities. We are convinced that this collaboration allows both organisations to better realise its shared growth ambitions.”

About Highcare
Highcare is the partner in the field of staffing in both the healthcare and safety domain. Highcare offers solutions for both short and long-term personnel issues. Besides offering temporary employment-, secondment- and mediation service, Highcare has its own training academy in which she provides assessments, retraining and in-service training possibilities for all Highcare health professionals and its clients.



Amsterdam, January 11th 2018 - Private equity firm Holland Venture provides growth capital to Ortius, a progressive clinic providing specialised pain rehabilitation treatments. The investment allows Ortius to further develop their provided care and therefore realise their growth ambitions.

Founded in December 2016, Ortius, is an independent rehabilitation clinic specialised in the treatment of chronic pain- and pain-fatigue complaints. With 110 professionals Ortius delivers interdisciplinary care in 6 treatment centers in the Northern, Middle and Southern regions of the Netherlands.

Positive health
Pain complaints have a substantial impact on both the welfare of people and their environment. Ortius strives to make patients more self-reliant and let them take back control of their life. By being aware of the patients’ vulnerability and by using their personal strengths and personal values, patients can again play an active role in society. The content of the provided care aligns with the vision from physician and researcher Machteld Huber on positive healthcare. This vision encompasses resilience and bringing back meaning to life, both factors considered as the two most significant healing factors.

Enhanced quality and reduced healthcare expenses
“With the participation of Holland Venture, Ortius acquired a new strong partner with experience in the healthcare sector and at the same time we allowed to further develop ourselves. Together with Holland Venture, and with Ortius’ inspiring and adaptive way of working, we can contribute to the quality of care, the reduction of healthcare costs and the increase of labor productivity in the Netherlands”, according to Oscar Westerhof, director Ortius.

Hubert Verbeek, managing partner Holland Venture adds to this: “While it provides a positive contribution towards a return to society, in the rehabilitation market chronic pain complaints are only treated limited. This provides great growth opportunities. The Ortius management is both very driven and experienced. She invests in making the treatment process as effective as possible. Ortius therefore fits perfectly in our investment focus in which healthcare costs are reduced and the quality of care improved.”

About Holland Venture
Over the past 35 years, Holland Venture has invested in more than 130 Dutch SMEs in a responsible and successful manner. With a clear investment strategy, Holland Venture is active in the growth markets of both healthcare and technology. The experienced and involved investment team knows what entrepreneurship is like. With the joint goal of achieving growth, Holland Venture strives for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which she invests. Holland Venture is supported by a broad network of successful healthcare and technology entrepreneurs.


Holland Venture invests in Mobile Accessories company Telco Accessories B.V.

Amsterdam, 12 December 2017 – Together with the management, Investment company Holland Venture invests in the internationally active Mobile Accessories provider Telco Accessories B.V. The investment allows Telco to realise her growth ambitions by means of both organic growth and a developed buy-and-build strategy.
Founded in 2008, Telco accessories B.V, develops and sells its own brands Xtorm and Gecko Covers. Xtorm is market leader in the field of charge solutions and products include power banks, solar chargers, cables and power home-solutions. Gecko Covers develops protective covers and accessories for e-readers, tablets and Macbooks. Telco Accessories B.V. continuously catches up with the latest trends and innovations. The design and quality of their products have regularly been acknowledged by awards such as the RedDot Design Award and the High-Tech Award.

Buy-and-build strategy
Holland Venture acquired the shares of the previous majority shareholder Nedvest. Together with the management, Holland Venture invests to successfully realise a buy-and-build strategy. The first acquisition of Gecko Covers has already been completed in January 2016.  Ralph Both, CEO Telco Accessories B.V.: “We are ready to effectuate our buy-and-build strategy. We consider Holland Venture as an experienced partner, who can support, bringing our organisation to a next phase.” The company will focus on the acquisition of mobile accessory providers and the continuous development of in-house technologies to increase its current product portfolio.

In-house technology
“Telco Accessories B.V. is positioned in a vastly growing market in which she has a large network and an advantageous relationships with both online and offline retailers. We see a lot of acquisitive possibilities. The extensive market knowledge also provides a unique opportunity to develop patented in-house technology.  Together with the management we would like to see Telco Accessories B.V.  grow to a technology driven organisation with a wide range of products”, according to Hubert Verbeek, Managing Partner Holland Venture.

About Holland Venture
Over the past 35 years, Holland Venture has invested in more than 130 Dutch SMEs in a responsible and successful manner. With a clear investment strategy, Holland Venture is active in the attractive growth markets of both Healthcare and Technology. The experienced and involved investment team knows what entrepreneurship is like. With the joint goal of achieving growth, Holland Venture strives for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which she invests. Holland Venture is supported by a broad network of successful healthcare and technology entrepreneurs.


Medical Artificial Intelligence company Quantib receives capital injection of EUR 4.5 million

Faster and more objective diagnoses by automatic interpretation of MRI and CT scan data

Chicago, 27 November 2017 – At the world’s largest radiology conference (RSNA), medical Artificial Intelligence (AI) company Quantib announced today that it secured €4.5mln ($ 5.4mln) of fresh funding in a round that was led by Holland Venture and InnovationQuarter. Quantib develops Machine Learning (ML) applications for medical imaging analyses, allowing physicians and researchers to make more efficient and more accurate diagnoses. The investment supports Quantib with her international scale-up ambitions.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Quantib is one of the most renowned Dutch players in the field of medical AI applications. Quantib utilizes ML software for the segmentation, classification and quantification of medical images, improving diagnostic quality and allowing for a more efficient workflow of physicians and researchers. Quantib is a spin-off of the Erasmus MC, developing her products in close collaboration with the internationally recognized Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (BIGR) under supervision of Prof. dr. Wiro Niessen. Moreover, Quantib has strong partnerships with industry players (GE Healthcare, Philips and Intrasense) for research, development and the distribution of her products. Recently, Quantib received media coverage as winner of The Dutch Data Science prize . Quantib’s first products received FDA approval and CE marking in 2016 and focus on the detection and tracking of neurological disorders such as Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

The investment allows Quantib to bring new ML applications to the market with regards to stroke, lung disorders, oncology and bone structures. Quantib will also establish new partnerships with leading international academic hospitals.

In conjunction with the investment, the management team has been reinforced with Arthur Post Uiterweer (former Philips and Boston Consulting Group) and Jorrit Glastra (former Shell). The supervisory board will consist of Prof. dr. Gabriel Krestin, Harm-Jan Wessels and health entrepreneur Jaap Maljers.

Rudolf Scholte, CEO of Quantib: “Our software supports radiologists and neurologists with their objective assessment of MRI- and CT scans. Our deep learning algorithms can support better diagnoses, and a better assessment of treatments’ effectiveness. Up until now, our main focus was on brain disorders. This investment allows us to develop new products and to extend our team."

“Quantib’s applications help standardise and speed up image analysis and allows for the detection of subtle changes over time. It increases the objectivity of the diagnostic process and therefore delivers an improved diagnosis combined with more efficient processes, positively impacting a large group of patients. We see large international growth opportunities for the company and we are proud to be a part of this development.” says Ewout Prins, Managing Partner Holland Venture.

Francis Quint, Head InnovationQuarter Capital: “Quantib facilitates faster, better and more efficient diagnoses, a fantastic result from the close collaboration with Erasmus MC. We are happy to support this Rotterdam-based company with their ambition to extend the range of their current technology to other applications.”


Holland Venture sells its shares in QSight IT to KPN

Amsterdam, October 3, 2017 - On the 2nd of October, Holland Venture and the other (management) the signed the acquisition contracts to sell their shares in QSight IT to Dutch telecom and ICT provider KPN. QSight IT is a leading Dutch player in the field of cybersecurity and Cloud consultancy.

QSight IT: Dutch player in the field of cybersecurity and cloud
QSight IT is a leading cyber security specialist who, in a dynamic world, cleverly and pragmatically leads ahead in securing information and making its customers information available. QSight IT identifies and remedies, amongst others, complex security threats. QSight IT is a 100% Dutch IT company. Next to (cyber) security, the company focuses on consultancy, support and management services. Employing around 250 highly qualified professionals, the company serves organizations in the public and private sectors and achieved a turnover of approximately EUR 50 million in 2016.

Growth through buy-and-build
In the summer of 2015, Holland Venture took an interest in Qi ict, based in Delft. In September 2016, through a merger with security provider Onsight Solutions, Qi ict transformed into a security power house. The combined company continued its operations under the name QSight IT. Since 2014, Qi ict held a strategic stake in Inovativ and expanded its security services to the Cloud. In 2017, this position was strengthened through a merger with Sparked. InSpark has emerged from this merger as one of the leading Microsoft Cloud specialists in the Netherlands.

Security strategic priority KPN
The acquisition is in line with KPN’s strategy to grow its security and public cloud consultancy business and further strengthens its position as leading security services provider in The Netherlands. The acquisition of QSight IT is complementary to KPN’s current security services portfolio and further strengthens its detection and prediction capabilities. In addition, the leading public cloud expertise of the Company broadens KPN’s (public) cloud propositions. Supported by these acquisitions, KPN is able to offer a broad range of high quality (cloud) security services to all of its SME, LE and Corporate customers.

Cloud and cybersecurity current themes
Hubert Verbeek, Managing Partner Holland Venture: "Securing data is of absolute importance and indispensable for any organization. With this vision in mind, we have helped QSight IT to become a leading player in cyber security and Microsoft Cloud services in both the middle segment of the market as well as for large corporates. A 100% Dutch acquisition by KPN was the perfect scenario for a cyber security transaction. In the current market, we still see plenty of growth opportunities for QSight IT. We wish KPN and QSight IT good luck in the future."

The transaction is subject to regulatory approval.


Inno4Life receives funding for serialization in pharmacy and international growth

BOM, TIIN Capital, Holland Venture and the Zeeuws Investment Fund (ZIF) invest in life science machine building company.

Breda, September 4, 2017 - Inno4Life, machine building company in the life science industries, will receive an investment from the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Holland Venture, TIIN Capital and the Zeeuws Investment Fund. Inno4Life uses the investment for the development of serialization equipment solutions in packaging machines for medicines and to accelerate the international growth of the company.
Inno4Life provides integrated tailor-made solutions and machines that meet the ever changing needs within the Life Sciences sector, especially in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The machines and automation solutions from Inno4Life include packaging processes for track & tracing of medicines. Inno4Life develops and builds machines for the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide. The organization offers solutions to companies in various areas e.g. automated filling systems, loading systems and fits robot and vision technology.
The pharmaceutical industry is continuously changing as a result of mergers or reorganizations. The level of automation intensifies, prices are under pressure and legislation is getting stricter. Johan Klootwijk, CEO Inno4Life: "Innovations in production processes are necessary for pharmaceutical companies. Companies have to comply with increasingly strict legislation and at the same time produce more efficiently and more effectively than competitors. Partly because of these developments, it is essential that specialist suppliers innovate continuously."

Ewout Prins, managing partner Holland Venture, indicates: "Inno4Life has a vision on the Life Sciences market, based management’s extensive experience. We have faith in the company's growth strategy. As a young and innovative company, Inno4Life has acquired a distinctive strategic position within a knowledge-driven niche market, delivering to the top 10 international pharmaceutical companies. An impressive performance. In the current market we see a clear momentum for further growth and expansion, and we are looking forward to actively supporting Inno4Life."

Innovation by new legislation
In 2019 all packages of prescription medicines need to be provided with a unique code. Pharmaceutical manufacturers print these unique codes on the packaging. Pharmacists scan this unique code to determine the authenticity of the medicine before they give it to patients. Inno4Life provides expertise and solutions for pharmaceutical companies to meet this new legislation.

"Our ambition is to increase our reputation as an international supplier of automated production equipment," continues Klootwijk. "By leading the way in providing customer specific, innovative solutions with exceptional customer service, we offer our customers the best possible service. With the knowledge and the capital of these investors we can pursue our international growth ambitions."

About Holland Venture
Holland Venture has invested in more than 130 Dutch SMEs in a responsible and successful manner over the past 35 years. With a clear investment strategy, Holland Venture is active in the attractive growth markets of Healthcare and Technology. The experienced and involved investment team knows what entrepreneurship is like. Holland Venture strives for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which she invests, with the joint goal of achieving growth. Holland Venture is supported by a broad network of successful entrepreneurs in Healthcare and Technology.



Amsterdam, 4th of July 2017 – Growth capital investor Holland Venture invests in Eshgro, a leading and innovative cloud services platform. The growth capital investment enables Eshgro to further develop its unique platform and accelerate its international growth.

Cloud changes IT consumption
The cloud changes the way companies consume IT. Compared to on-premise IT solutions, the cloud offers more flexibility, 24/7 accessibility from any location, always up-to-date data and information and is inherently more secure. According to forecasts from various research agencies, the global cloud market will grow to around € 180 billion by 2020, With a CAGR of 21.5% , , which is 7x faster than global IT spending.

These developments create new challenges for value added resellers and managed service providers, to which Eshgro has developed a technologically innovative solution: the CSB Suite. This unique platform makes it possible to see, within 10 minutes, how to securely assemble a functional cloud solution for every existing IT environment, and its associated financial impact.

Value added resellers and managed service providers can fully customize the platform using Eshgro's wide cloud services offer. In addition, they can easily integrate their own service package. Eshgro helps value-added resellers and managed service providers to convert their business model from project-based pricing to a subscription model. This enables them to remain relevant in a rapidly changing market and to create more value. Eshgro has proven its success of the platform through value added resellers who have seen their subscription revenues grow by over 100% for over 3 consecutive years.

To date, end users have more than 700 different business applications running on Eshgro’s platform. The key benefits of using the CBS Suite include the ability to bring your own software to the cloud, its cost transparency, and its flexibility. The fact that Eshgro is multi-certified means that governments, financial services and healthcare providers can safely host their applications and data in the cloud. The platform is used by a growing number of mid-sized corporates, with combined revenues of more than  € 1 billion.

Focus on growth and scalability
"We are ready for the next phase, where we focus on the growth and scalability of our platform. The investment enables Eshgro to grow internationally and serve the largest value-added resellers and managed service providers in the market.", says Anton Loeffen, CEO of Eshgro. "We have taken Holland Venture on board to make an active contribution to the further development and growth of Eshgro. Through their years of experience with growing companies, Holland Venture offers an important strategic and commercial added value."

According to Niels van Aalten, partner of Holland Venture, the fast-growing and competitive cloud service market is developing rapidly. "Companies are increasingly looking for an efficient and safe working environment in the cloud that closely matches their business activity. In addition, companies want insights and flexibility in IT costs per employee. The Eshgro platform seamlessly adopts this development. This investment fits well within our investment strategy and we therefore like to support Eshgro’s further commercial expansion."

About Eshgro
Eshgro is a leading cloud services broker, enabling IT partners to successfully sell and deliver cloud business solutions to their customers. Thanks to its innovative platform, the CSB Suite, value added resellers and managed service providers can easily provide customized cloud services. The Eshgro CSB Suite integrates over 700 applications in a streamlined cloud environment. The versatile Cloud Configurator accelerates cloud sales and helps IT partners to market their unique cloud services.

About Holland Venture

Holland Venture has invested in more than 130 Dutch SMEs in a responsible and successful manner over the past 35 years. With a clear investment strategy, Holland Venture is active in the attractive growth markets of Healthcare and Technology. The experienced and involved investment team knows what entrepreneurship is like. Holland Venture strives for an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies in which she invests, with the joint goal of achieving growth. Holland Venture is supported by a broad network of successful entrepreneurs in Healthcare and Technology.


Walter Balestra shares his experiences on the fast-growing organization ZorgDomein Nederland

Amsterdam, 21st of March 2017 – During the third Holland Venture Growth Session, Walter Balestra (CEO of the fast-growing organization ZorgDomein Nederland) shared his experiences  on how his organization acquired a central place in the Dutch healthcare landscape. For the attendees, it was an interesting session on growth and innovation in the healthcare sector.

In 2000, ZorgDomein was cofounded by Walter Balestra out of the consulting firm Plexus. By offering a national platform which enables the connection between people who need care and people who provide care, ZorgDomein aims to organise care more efficient and more effective. In 2016 about 80% of all referrals from physicians in the Netherlands was completed via ZorgDomein. Last year the organization processed 7,4M transactions and it  had around 90 employees. Hereby taking up a central place in the Dutch healthcare landscape. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, Walter fulfils the role of CEO of ZorgDomein Nederland since 2006. As an investor, he is also involved in several start-ups in healthcare. Walter has a background as a medical biologist specialised in brain research.

The strong growth of ZorgDomein, as well as the challenges associated with such a development, were a central topic during this Growth Session. Walter recounted vividly about the development of his company and shared his teachable moments with the attendees. The interactive character inspired the attendees, including a large number of entrepreneurs of the Holland Venture Holdings. The exchange of experience and the hands-on tips from Walter were regarded as highly valuable.

During the Holland Venture Growth Sessions we invite a successful entrepreneur to share his or her experiences in a fast-growing company with the management teams of our portfolio companies. These are interactive sessions with a focus on achieving growth by sharing experiences and tips-and-tricks in an informal setting. Around autumn, we will be organizing the fourth Holland Venture Growth Session.


Holland Venture invests in semiconductor packaging equipment specialist Boschman Group

Amsterdam/Duiven, March 14th, 2017 – Holland Venture, a Dutch based investment firm, announced today that it completed an investment in the Boschman Group, a specialist in high-end packaging equipment for the semiconductor industry. This investment enables the Boschman Group to further commercialize their in-house developed technology and strengthen their international market position

The Boschman Group in Duiven Netherlands established in 1987 is a high-end niche player with the semiconductor packaging equipment sector. Through its subsidiaries Boschman Technology and Advanced Packaging Center they provide full solutions for the development and production of semiconductor packaging specifically in transfer-molding and silver sintering die-attach. They focus on smartcards, sensors, medical, optical and power devices. The Boschman Group has developed several unique and patented technologies that provide innovative packaging solutions for complex, advanced and demanding sensors and chips.

 ‘We see with the advance of the Internet of Things an increase of complexity in products, specifically with regard to the number of innovative sensors integrated in one device, like in smartphones for instance. Also electrical and autonomous vehicles will demand increasingly more sensors with a higher level of integration and high quality requirements as well as efficient and robust power electronics. Exactly in these type of applications the Boschman Group has a strong market position and with their patented technology they are perfectly positioned to meet the growing and ever more complex demands in these segments over the coming years. Several projects with important companies such as Semikron, Bosch, Renesas and Infineon are ongoing. A leading American manufacturer of electric vehicles (EVs) is already using Boschman Technology, which enables them to develop highly efficient power electronics in a small form factor to be used in their latest car design’, said Hubert Verbeek, Managing partner in Holland Venture

Frank Boschman, CEO of the Boschman Group, indicates that he sees Holland Venture as their ideal partner who can support them in their ambition for continuous international growth. ‘We are ready for the next step to further improve our value proposition, service and continuity. We will utilize the investment from Holland Venture additionally to strengthen our sales, invest in production capabilities and increase our innovation efforts in leading packaging technologies’.

About Holland Venture
Holland Venture has over the past 35 years invested responsibly and successfully in over 130 Dutch SMEs. With a clear strategy, they are active in the sectors Healthcare and Technology with a team that is experienced and involved in entrepreneurship. They prefer an open, sustainable and professional collaboration with each of their investments management teams in order to realize growth as a common target. Holland Venture is supported by a large network of successful entrepreneurs in these sectors.


Holland Venture invests in Mauritsklinieken; a chain of clinics specialized in dermatological care

Amsterdam, March 9th 2017 – Together with management, Holland Venture invests in Mauritsklinieken, a chain of clinics specialized in dermatological care. As part of the transaction, shares were acquired from the founders SJMG and private equity firm Waterland. The investment enables Mauritsklinieken to further its collaboration with hospitals and general practitioners, and to expand into related specialisms.

Mauritsklinieken, founded in 2004, serves a large part of the Netherlands and provides quality care for various skin conditions. This includes both insured and uninsured care. Services include dermatology, varicose vein care, skin treatment and cosmetic care. Dermatologic care includes treatments for conditions such as treatments for eczema, psoriasis, hair loss and skin cancer. Examples of cosmetic care are eyelid and nose surgery and wrinkle treatment through fillers or botulinum toxin.

"Within the healthcare sector, we see a strong need for personal attention, innovation and knowledge sharing. This coincides with the trend that hospitals focus more on the complex care and transfer the elective care towards specialized clinics. These developments lead to better patient care which is more cost-effective. Furthermore, we see an  increased  attention by healthcare consumers for cosmetic treatments. I do see an interesting opportunity for a  quality provider like the Mauritsklinieken. Mauritsklinieken fits well within our investment focus", says Ewout Prins, managing partner Holland Venture.

Ivo Boslooper, CEO of the Mauritsklinieken, indicates that the entry of Holland Venture provides a solid foundation to take the next steps in the development of the Mauritsklinieken. The focus will be on further strengthening the cooperation with general practitioners and hospitals, and to increase care offering, both geographically and in the breadth of the offering. "A close cooperation with the  general practitioners is important for us. We put our dermatological expertise at the service of their patients. We also want to increase our cooperation with hospitals, so that they can really focus on their selected expertises. In addition to these collaborations, we want to expand the scope of our activities. This expansion may take place both organically and through acquisitions", says Ivo Boslooper.

About Holland Venture
Over the last 35 years, Holland Venture has invested responsibly and successfully in more than 130 Dutch SME’s. With a clear investment strategy, it operates in the attractive growth markets of Healthcare and Technology. Its experienced and dedicated investment team knows what entrepreneurship means. Holland Venture is committed to an open, sustainable and professional relationship with the management teams of the companies she invests in, with the common goal to achieve growth. Holland venture is supported by a broad network of successful entrepreneurs in both Healthcare and Technology.


QSight IT strengthens position with InSpark

Inovativ and Sparked are continuing as InSpark

Amsterdam, 7 March 2017 – cloud consultancy agencies and Microsoft Gold Partners inovativ and Sparked have joined forces and are continuing as InSpark. InSpark provides a higher level of innovation to customers and enables organizations to transform in order to increase their impact and accelerate their business.

Innovate to accelerate
InSpark innovates and transforms organizations. Every aspect of a workspace and process, from management to strategy, is optimized to ensure that employees and customers get the most from technology. Demand for a full‑service digital transformation is rapidly increasing because more organizations are recognizing that real innovation accelerates the achievement of business objectives.

In the words of Laurens Frijters, Managing Director at InSpark, “that is exactly what InSpark intends to do: shape the interface between business and IT organizations so that our customers can keep pace with the market at all times and anticipate market developments.”

Full service, full force
InSpark aims to rapidly become the undisputed number one Microsoft Business and IT Partner. As InSpark Managing Partner Alex Hendrikse explained, “Sparked has implemented a tremendous number of modern workspaces, smart data solutions, and business apps. inovativ is second to none in setting up hybrid data centers and implementing mobility and security solutions. As InSpark, we are more than capable of providing full service and full force to customers.”

Unique combination

In 2014 QSight IT and inovativ started a strategic partnership aimed at bringing security to the  cloud.
“QSight IT and InSpark form a unique combination in the IT market, especially with their focus areas Microsoft, cloud, security and networking”, says Martijn Hakstege, CEO of QSight IT. “For a successful digital transformation, doing this transformation ‘secured’ is a necessity, explains Martijn Hakstege. “Advanced  technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are of crucial importance to be able to keep a grip on data from information systems. The business models of QSight IT and InSpark touch and reinforce each other here .”

QSight IT senses the need from the market to be able to trust information systems in an organisation. Data are the asset of every organisation, and with an internet that is becoming increasingly unsafer, the security of data is an absolute and essential concern for every organization. With the merger between inovativ and Sparked QSight IT confirms its strategy and ambition to become the cybersecurity company for The Netherlands.

About InSpark

Stronger together
InSpark has the largest number of MVPs of all Microsoft partners in Europe. To date, its 85 consultants have brought over 500,000 users to the cloud. InSpark’s customers include SkyTeam, Hollands Kroon, Ampelmann, and Young Capital. InSpark’s board consists of Laurens Frijters, Alex Hendrikse, Dave Kiwi, and Maarten Goet. Read more at

In recent years both inovativ and Sparked earned accolades like Microsoft Gold Partner, Innovator of the Year 2016, EM+S Enterprise Elite Partner, and several FD Gazelle awards.

About QSight IT
QSight IT is a 100% Dutch IT company with an absolute focus on security, networking, cloud and risk management. QSight IT’s customer base includes organisations in the sectors of Cure & Care, Finance, Public, Manufacturing and Business Services. The company not only supplies and integrates IT technology, but also offers a wide portfolio of proactive consultancy, support and managed services.

QSight IT realises complex projects with far-sighted vision. By researching, exploring and guiding, QSight IT leads its customers into an environment in which Information Technology supports the business and security is guaranteed. QSight IT has a strategic partnership with InSpark, that combines security, networking and storage knowledge with cloud & Microsoft expertise. Read more on


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